Top tips for making your shower time more productive

Top-tips for making your shower-time more productive

Most of us really rely on our morning shower to wake us up and prepare us for the day ahead. While most people don’t love getting out of their warm, cosy beds in the morning, shower time is essential for rejuvenating sleepy heads and clearing the heavy-eyed haze.

Here at Plumbing For Less, we believe our range of showers is simply breathtaking. From Mixer showers to Digital Showers - each shower we supply is superbly manufactured and we stock some of the biggest names in the shower world.

So as we love showers so much, we decided to help aid your morning routine with some handy tips to help make your shower-time more productive -

Meditate –

We don’t know about you but we barely have time to brush our hair in the morning, never mind sitting down to meditate. What we do find useful however, is taking the opportunity to calm our minds with some in-shower meditation. Think about all the things you have to do during the day ahead and plan in your mind how you’re going to do them. Think about what you’re having for lunch or dinner, or what you’re going to watch on TV later. You can clear you mind and plan your day during your shower which really helps to chill you out, makes you feel positive and prepares you for having a good day.

Shower last –

Many of us naturally wake up and stumble half asleep to the shower, relying on it to wake us up and welcome us into a new day. But what if you put showering to the bottom of your morning routine? We have found that waking up and having your morning coffee and toast pre-shower can be more beneficial was of starting your day. The food and caffeine will help you shower faster freeing up more time for your post-shower getting ready. If you are more awake and alert in your shower then you will be able to complete the aforementioned meditation more efficiently as well.

Multi-task –

Showers are the perfect place to get your multi-tasking skills perfected. For one, we think that EVERYONE should brush their teeth in the shower. It makes perfect sense as it saves you time and water every day! You can also make sure you work day outfit is de-creased without having you get your iron out by steaming your outfit from your shower!

Showers are important and we think everyone deserves the perfect morning shower. If you’re thinking of buying a new shower please make sure you call our team and ask for our expert advice. No matter what your bathroom style or size we are 100% confident we will find you the ultimate shower for your home.