PCC - Press Connecting Components

PCC - press connecting components‚Äč

PCC (Press Connecting Components) GmbH is the specialist and reliable partner for system components and special solutions for press fitting technology. Millions of press fittings for copper, carbon steel, stainless steel and multilayer pipe are in use in sanitary, heating, compressed air as well as in air conditioning and different industrial applications.

Following the popular 'M-Profile' press design, PCC GmbH have introduced a range of mechanical press fittings for the commercial plumbing sector.

The M-Profile Press System consists of system press fittings, system pipes and system gaskets. System press fittings and system pipes are comprised of:

- PRESS INOX/Stainless Steel: High-alloy, austenitic, non-rusting Cr-Ni-Mo steel press fittings and pipes with material no.1.4404 (AISI 316L) according to EN-10088. Diameters correspond to the requirements of EN-10312 and/or DVGW GW 541.
- PRESS Carbon Steel: Unalloyed steel press fittings and pipes, an electroplated layer of zinc protects against external corrosion.
- PRESS Copper: Copper and bronze press fittings for commercial copper pipes.

A contoured elastomer is used to make the connection impermeable. The inseparable, permanently impermeable, friction-locking press connection actuated by longitudinal and profile forces is achieved by cold forming the system press fittings. The creation of such a connection is executed with the aid of the pressing tool.

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