WAVIN Tigris K1 Press Fittings

Wavin Tigris K1 Press Fit System

The Patently Superior System.

Widely specified throughout Europe, Wavin Tigris K1 is proven and perfected to deliver high performance and significant cost savings in a wide range of commercial plumbing and heating projects.

Its patented design has been relentlessly engineered to optimise all the benefits of a composite metal-plastic press-fit system and deliver the optimum solution for sanitary, potable water and heating applications, including re-circulating systems.

Multilayer, press-fit system for potable water, sanitary and heating applications in high rise residential, healthcare and large scale industrial and commercial builds.

Quick, safe and proven connections with no soldering, welding, thread cutting or hot works permit required.

Flexible pipe means fewer fittings and faster/cheaper installation.

The Wavin Lifetime Assessment Tool gives ‘green-light’ specification assurance.

The system carries a 10 year guarantee, has DGWA and KIWA approvals and is tested and certified to BS6920:2000 and ISO en 21003.

Supported by Wavin project teams, our technical centre and online resources.

Winner of a European Design Award.