WAVIN Hep2o Underfloor Heating

Hep2O Underfloor Heating Systems by Wavin – Surface heating and cooling solutions.

Under the Hep2O Underfloor Heating (UFH) Systems brand Wavin offers solutions for surface heating and cooling for domestic and light commercial environments. All Hep2O UFH products are manufactured under a quality management system which is approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

With Wavin Hep2O UFH systems, the warm water is only circulated within the rooms or ‘zones' where it's needed. You can install it in only one room or in your whole home. More than that, Hep2O underfloor heating can be integrated with your current boiler or heat pump system - whether that's powered by gas, solid fuel, oil or renewable energy.

All UFH installations are overlaid with a final floor finish. Whatever your choice of floor covering - be it tile, stone, wood, carpet, vinyl or laminate - Wavin Hep2O underfloor heating systems will work perfectly with it.

Wavin Hep2O also offers a great range of temperature controls and thermostat systems for up to 14 underfloor zones to monitor water and air temperature and signal the heat source. Choose either wired or wireless thermostats, programmable or non-programmable to suit your chosen UFH system and your particular needs.

For more information on Hep2O Underfloor Heating Products and Systems by Wavin, please refer to the Hep2O Underfloor Heating Product Guide.

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