Sime Revolution Boiler: The Future of Boiler Technology

For too long in the Plumbing Industry, Boiler technology has become extremely stationary. Indeed, it appears boiler technology has stagnated in its innovation, with suppliers reluctant to embrace new ‘hybrid’ tech with preference to the apparent ‘old fashioned’ way of heating a household. Despite this, our new exclusive Boiler supplier ‘Sime’ going by their Italian heritage phrase of “Clima Di Valore”, seem to be breaking existing technological barriers, incorporating new ground-breaking innovation that will change the face of Boiler technology forever.

The clearest demonstration of this technological leap is the introduction of the ‘Murelle Revolution’ into the UK market. Sime has utilised ‘Hybrid’ technology, implementing both gas combustion and heat pump technologies into its new Revolution boiler. The name itself ‘Revolution’ infers vast change, incorporating Sime’s translated slogan of ‘Valuing your Climate’, Sime intends to mould the way Boilers are built in the future. Whilst optimising efficiency and guaranteeing household comfort, Sime’s A++ efficiency boiler intends to transform the way Boiler’s operate in the UK, whilst also saving the end consumer hundreds of pounds per year on Gas bills.

The Sime Boiler Hybrid Technology

Moving onto the technology included in the Revolution, many people will ask “How does a hybrid Boiler work?” Sime have developed a fantastic combination of a 24kW gas condensing boiler, simultaneously working with a 4kW thermal air/water heat pump into one single product. The heat pump is designed in a way to service the heating function of the boiler, vastly improving the efficiency of the product. The average seasonal heating performance of the Sime Revolution has been estimated to be 134% - a stunning figure when compared to other boilers in the market. Furthermore, the fact that the Revolution boasts an A++ energy class means that the product is an ideal replacement model, vastly increasing energy and economic value of the property of which it is installed into.

Additionally, in regards to installers, the Sime Revolution is extremely simple to install and differs none to the installation of a Gas Boiler. Furthermore, the heat pump does not require an external unit: both generators are housed within the initial casting model. The integrated cooling system (designed to keep the boiler at optimum temperature), is factory sealed. Consequently, this does not require any work during installation – making the whole Sime Boiler process extremely simple for installers. Similarly, in regards to the electrical power that the heating pump consumes, this is only 1kW. In summary, no invasive installation is required for the revolution, making the Sime Boiler a fantastic upgrade to any existing energy system in existing structures.

The Secret of the Murelle Revolution

The feature that makes the Sime Revolution different from the rest of the market is its unique Exhaust Evaporator. This part of the Revolution is totally unique, no other Boiler on the market is fitted with this trademarked technology. Due to the boiler and the heat operating in close proximity, Sime have manufactured a boiler that can have an extra evaporator near the flu gases. All other hybrid boilers have this feature fitted on the outside of the unit and not the inside. Consequently, this makes the boiler perform less efficiently, as the boiler is only extracting heat from the atmosphere. Some boilers can operate and maintain the ‘COP’ (coefficient of performance – a common phrase in the world of boilers). However, with the Sime revolution boiler, for every 1kW of energy input, the boiler generates 4kW heat energy from this. Evidently, with ‘normal’ boilers, the performance is capped, as when the climate gets colder outside there is clearly less heat to extract and heat the boiler. At 10 Degrees outside, the COP of the boiler may be 4, however as the temperature gradually leans towards freezing (0) , the heat is a lot harder to extract , therefore the boiler must work harder. In the Sime Revolution’s case, when the temperature drops below 7 Degrees, the boiler kicks in, the extractor extracts the heat from the boiler (flu gases) AND the atmosphere.

The Test

Earlier this year, Sime conducted a practical experiment whereby they manufactured an artificial -5 Degree external temperature. With the boiler operating at 30% output, the performance measured at between 1-2 COP, with 47 Degree heat measured into the evaporator, with -4.1 Degrees leaving the evaporator. Try to get your head around this: the boiler is burning gas, however the products of the combustion leaving the appliance are below freezing… incredible technology from Sime. The natural gas in the atmosphere is added to oxygen and hydrogen which combine to make the H2O steam. Once this has passed the steam it moves onto the 2nd part of the heat exchange and condenses it.

Once this process is done, the heat and water vapour remaining passes through the refrigerator gasses in the 2nd phase and the technology condenses the water vapour. This takes every ounce of heat out of the gas – exclusive Sime technology which no other boiler company in the world can follow. Sime hold an extremely long term patent for this technology to block other suppliers from following suit.

Sime Combustion Control Technology

Sime are leading the forefront in terms of Boiler technology. Every 2 minutes the boiler re calibrates itself and re calibrates the flame inside the boiler in conjunction with what the boiler feels will operate at the most efficient and effective level. Therefore, the boiler maintains its efficiency throughout its whole life. Sime are driving to improve the efficiency of the boiler market as building regulations say that currently the minimum efficiency must stand at 92%.

Customer Acceptance of Technology

The beauty of the Sime Revolution boiler is that the customers will not even know that then have a heat pump on the wall. Boiler installers will always shy away from renewables and new technology as the “require too much work”. However, with the Sime revolution it is extremely easy to install and this is something that Plumbing For Less and Sime are building together.

Sime’s technology will eventually become the norm for boiler technology and it is just a matter of time. For now we stand and admire their technology from afar.

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