Tips for saving money on your water bill

At Plumbing for Less we know that it’s important to keep our prices competitive. With the cost of living ever increasing we thought we would also give you some handy hints on how to also save money on your water bill. Try a few of these for yourself and see what a difference you can make to your outgoings.

Our top 7 tips for saving money

Refrigerate water

Filling up a water bottle and keeping it refrigerated will save you money on your water bill. How often do you have to run the tap before you get a cold stream of water running through to drink?

Fix leaky taps & pipes

A drop of water may not seem like a big problem. But 1 drop of water every 10 seconds is 8,640 drops per 24 hour period. If each drop is 1ml that’s over 8 litres of water per day! Fix those drips before they become leaks. Also consider pipe insulation to ensure your pipes are in tip top condition all year round.

Use shorter wash cycles/lower temperatures

Not only will shorter wash cycles and lower temperatures reduce your electricity bill, it will also use less water saving you on both bills.

Don’t flush tissues or other random bits

Hair from a hairbrush, cotton buds, nail clippings, tissues, make up wipes, surface cleaning wipes. All of these should go in your bathroom bin. Resist the urge to waste up to 2 gallons of water by flushing these items down the toilet.

Don’t leave the tap running

How often do you leave the tap running when you brush your teeth, wash vegetables or while soaping up your hands? If you answered “all the time” there’s a good way to save yourself money on water.

Consider a water meter - carefully

This point requires some thought on your current usage. As a general rule water meters will save you money if you have more bedrooms than people. Single people, the elderly or childless couples could save money, whereas it’s unlikely to be cost effective for larger families. Try the FAQ from Money Supermarket to see if you could save.

Try a water system

The instant water systems from Grohe are ideal water savers. They provide instant hot or cold water without the need to run your taps to get them to temperature. There is an initial investment and installation required but there is also a cashback offer in place to help you offset that cost. We hope you found this post helpful. If you think of any more water saving tips let us know, or if you need help on your next plumbing job, contact us today.

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