Mira Showers

Mira Showers

Our vast range of Mira showers and additional fixtures come complete with the Mira patented technology which is designed to revolutionise your showering experience.

With a high polished chrome finish the showers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have a diverse variety of applications with beautiful engineering.

  • Mixer – ideal for homes with a large supply of hot water, these showers are designed to combine hot and cold water to make it easier to reach your desired showering temperature, generally flowing faster than normal electric showers. Many of these come with the patented Magni-flo technology so prestigious to the brand guaranteeing optimum performance even at lower pressures.
  • Digital – features a separate digital mixer unit and shower control meaning that the valve can be hidden in a loft, attic space or underneath a bath. This also means less pipework as the digital controller only takes up a fraction of the space. Digital mixers can be installed in as little as an hour and are the ideal choice for gravity fed, mains and combi boiler systems. They’re also very accurate when it comes to temperature and superior when it comes to diverse features.
  • Electric – taking water from the cold water supply these heat the water when the shower is turned on ensuring that when you shower you don’t just use up stored hot water but water as it is heated. These are ideal for families and homes with a limited supply of hot water.

By providing you with these varieties we at Plumbing For Less aim to meet the needs of our customers whatever their design requirements for their new bathroom are. With our competitive pricing, we are ensuring that your showering needs are met without the added strains on budget, without compromising on the quality of the showers.

For more information or advice on the type of Mira showers that would be suited to your design or bathroom project, simply contact our specialist advisors who are more than happy to help.