Electric Showers

Instantaneous showering day and night for the whole family - that's the beauty of Electric Showers. They draw water directly from a cold water supply and heat it as it is used, so you don't need to have a stored hot water supply - so Electric Showers are ideal for families and households where there is a limited supply of hot water. Electric Showers are easy to install in main and en-suite bathrooms and dedicated shower rooms and are also extremely versatile.

Electric Showers work by instantly heating water. Cold, mains pressure water is fed into the unit an passes over a heating element inside a chamber. The power rating of this element will determine the amount of water that can be heated. As well as a model name, many electric shower manufacturers will include the power rating of the shower in the description, which will be given in kilowatts. Showers with a higher kilowatt rating will be able to heat more water in a given time, so a higher figure gives a better flow rate.