Maintaining your gas boiler throughout winter

Annually having your gas boiler serviced doesn’t only keep it running more efficiently but it should also have a positive effect upon your energy costs and potentially increase the life span of your boiler. A boiler service can bring to light issues your boiler might have before they evolved in to much bigger causes for concern. Don’t just sit around and wait till it breaks to address problems.

It completely down to you though as the owner to decide how often you get your boiler serviced, but it is generally recommended by manufactured that it is at least services on an annual basis.

A balanced flue boiler

While balanced flue appliances tend to be less critical, most manufactures will still advice getting them serviced annually. On the other hand though many gas fitters believe that bi-annually is ok as flue problems are generally not as serious and are rarer. Cleaning requirements are less frequent due to the boiler drawing in air from outside avoiding things like pet hair, dust and carpet fibres which can clog the burners’ airway.

An open flue boiler

An open flue boiler should definitely be checked at least once a year, these boiler are the more likely to cause damage or even death through carbon monoxide poisoning, which is down to the fact that it is easier for harmful exhaust gasses to enter the home when something goes wrong with the ventilation or flue systems.

Regularly servicing your boiler will help identify flue related problems early, help save lives and all importantly keep your mind at ease.

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