WAVIN Hep2O UFH System Plates

Whenever it is required to create a UFH system within a new screeded floor construction, with easy-to-determine regular pipe spacing and/or pipe shielding from accidental damage during installation, consider Hep2O UFH System Plates. The Wavin Hep2O UFH System Plates are vacuum-formed sheets of tough plastic incorporating a grid of clips specially designed to hold the heatingand cooling pipe securely. The sheets are laid over chosen insulation before pipe installation and screeding, joints between the plates are formed by overlapping their edges, clipping them together to form a continuous layer so this system is ideal for liquid screeding.
Pipe installation is fast and easy: the installer can remain standing while feeding the pipe from a coil onto the clips and using their foot to press the pipe into position. Pipe centres can be as close as 75mm and, if necessary, the pipe can be placed diagonally where required by the room shape/layout.

If you want lowest material cost and installation time/risk of accidental pipe damage are not an issue - consider Hep2O UFH Staples System. You want a system that includes floor insulation panels and/or reduces required screed depth and/or minimises installation time - Hep2O UFH Pocketed Polystyrene System is recommended.

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