WAVIN Hep2O UFH Staple System

Whenever it is required to create a UFH system within a new screeded floor construction, at the lowest possible material cost and for any pipe layout, the Hep2O UFHStaple System is the ideal solution. Staples provide an easy method to secure the heating and cooling pipe to rigid insulation panels. When installed with a Staple Gun, installation becomes faster and easier with significantly more of the installation possible from a standing position. Because there are no physical constraints on the spacing and orientation of the pipe within the floor, the Staple System is equally well suited to following the path of a long curved or irregularly shaped room, as it is a standard rectangular room. This craft approach allows the designer greater freedom to create the system with the heat distributed exactly as required. However, because of this freedom, the Hep2O UFHStaple System relies heavily on the installer to locate the pipe correctly. It is essential that the installer allocates sufficient time to install the system as designed. If a faster installation is required, while maintaining consistent performance, the use of System Plates or Pocketed Polystyrene is recommended.