Whether you're looking for a brand new shower, an idea to spruce up your bathroom or a kitchen mixer that would offer sparkling water straight from the faucet - we've got it all. Here at Plumbing For Less we aim to provide the best products from leading brand names which is why we choose GROHE for our customers particularly as they are one of the leading designers in their field. Whatever your design preferences, installation requirements or budget, Plumbing For Less will stock GROHE products with a range of stylish designs to match all bathroom and kitchen interiors.

In the Bathroom we have a great range of products for all draw-off points and in wide variety of styles: Cosmopolitan, Contemporary, to name a few - each with a distinct look and characteristic. The new exciting developments include GROHE's pioneering Power&Soul® shower with seven ‘one click’ combinations of both invigorating and relaxing spray patterns, as well as the continued development of GROHE Eurocube, which offers a Cosmopolitan range at an affordable price. You can see the whole range of GROHE bathroom fittings in the Bathroom Brochure.

In the Kitchen we have highly professional, innovative and caring products such as Minta Touch, which offers ‘hands free’ water control, and continued development of GROHE Blue®, offering filtered, chilled, still or sparkling water straight from the tap – saving money in a more sustainable way. GROHE Red™, on the other hand, delivers boiling hot water effortlessly. A special Kitchen Brochure is available.