ARCTIC SPRAY Pipe Freezer Kit for 8-28mm Pipe, ASK2


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ARCTIC SPRAY Manufacturer's Part Number: ASK2.

Arctic Spray Pipe Freezer Kit ASK2 offers a quick and easy way to repair and extend Ø8-28mm pipework without the need of draining the system.

Product features:

- Freezes: Plastic, Copper, Lead, Iron and all Steel Ø8-28mm pipes.
- Ice plug duration: Approximately 45 minutes.
- Kit consists of:
• 1 x Arctic Spray Pipe Freezer, 415ml can;
• 2 x Freezing Jacket for Ø8-28mm pipe.
- 1 Kit suitable for 2 x Ø8-15mm freeze or 1 x Ø22-28mm freeze.

User instructions:

• Jacket Fitting:
- Remove the freezing jacket slide and pierce a very small hole through the outer covering and foam half way along and just below one slide rail.
- Place the jacket around the pipe with the seam uppermost and replace the slide. Discard the smaller foam block for 28mm (1") pipework.
- Secure each end of the jacket with the ties provided, no more than 1" (25mm) in from the edge, being sure to trap the vinyl covering.
- Connect the extension tube to the can, inserting the other end through the hole made in the jacket, pushing it through the foam to a point close to the pipe.
• Freezing Process:
- Hold the can upright and inject correct amount as shown in the FREEZING GUIDE on the aerosol can. Should liquid escape from the sides of the jacket whilst injecting, stop for 1 minute to allow some of the liquid to evaporate and check ties for tightness. Then resume injecting. Even continuous stopping/starting is sufficient. Spraying some of the contents directly onto the pipe within the jacket (with reduced finger pressure) will help the ice plug to form.
- When the stated dose has been injected WAIT 5 MINUTES FOR THE ICE PLUG TO FORM. For plastic pipe, wait 10 minutes.
• Vertical Freezing:
- To freeze vertical pipes, open the freezing jacket by removing the slide. Place the freezing jacket around the pipe, retaining the smaller foam insert for all 15mm (1/2") and 22mm (3/4") pipework and replace the slide. Use one tie close to the bottom of the freezing jacket to secure it to the pipe.
- To prevent liquid loss, which could result in the ice plug failing to form, we advise using some tape to help form a seal. Push the extension tube down between the top of the jacket and the pipe.