WAVIN Hep2O 22mm Barrier Pipe Straight Lengths 3mtrs, White, HXX03/22W

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WAVIN Hep2O White Barrier Pipe, 22mm x 3m (straight length).

Manufacturer's part number: HXX03/22W.

The WAVIN Hep2O barrier pipe has many long-term performance benefits over traditional rigid metal systems:
- Plastic pipe means no scale build-up.
- No corrosion and reduced risk of burst pipes.
- Quieter in service, cooler to the touch and less heat loss.
- The flexible nature of this Hep2O pipe means it can more easily be 'cabled' around obstructions.
'Cabling' the pipe means fewer joints required. In turn, fewer joints reduce installation time and system costs.
- Push-fit also means no naked flames with reduced inherent risks.

Product features and specifications:

- Application: Central heating systems; Domestic hot and cold water services.
- Incorporates an oxygen barrier to inhibit oxygen permeation.
- Use of inhibitors is recommended as corrosion can occur in all types of system regardless of pipe material.
- In4Sure® joint recognition: Tells you when pipe is fully inserted.
- Secure demounting with the HepKey® system: Innovative pipe release system.
- New SmartSleeve for easy insertion of the pipe.
- Straight pipe is just as flexible as coiled pipe and is primarily intended for exposed pipework where neatness is vital, or where only a short length of pipe is required.
- Material: Polybutylene with EVOH barrier.
- Colour: White.
- Dimensions: 22mm x 3m.
- Approvals: WRAS (deemed safe for use in the supply of drinking water).
- CE Standard: Tested to EN BS 15876, BS 21003, KM 512320.
- Manufacturer’s guarantee: Hep2O carries a 50 year guarantee against defect in materials or manufacturing of all its pipe and fittings.

Please note: Hep2O pipe is NOT SUITABLE for conveying gas, oil or underground supplies.