Is ventilation important?

We all know that fresh air is important for humans. In everybody’s ideal world we would be able to go outside and breath in healthy, clean and pure air. That isn’t the case though. So, it is very important that we have well-ventilated rooms within our homes and work spaces. This is why.

Control impurities

The air inside is often more polluted than the air outside. You need a good ventilation system to help get rid of bacteria, moisture and pollutants.

Air Regulation

If you don’t have a ventilation system within your building, you don’t have control over the air flow in the building. Costly energy bills can appear if you have to much fresh air. This is

why a good ventilation system makes sense in many of ways.

Stop condensation

If you have damp living conditions or if you get condensation, it can cause many health issues. Allergic reaction and respiratory problems are the main ones for many people. Condensation can also lead to mouldy and rotten surface like around your windows and window stills. Having a good ventilation will help reduce any of these risks.

Reduce temperatures

The environment, workplace or wherever there is a cramped space can become hot, so this will lead to people being uncomfortable. If you have a good ventilation system in place people would be more comfortable, which would lead to being in a more productive workplace.

Health benefits

Having indoor pollution and also having a bad ventilation can be a big factor in number of health problems. Some of them being; allergies, headaches, asthma, rashes and sinusitis. These can all be avoided by simply a good ventilation system.


If there isn’t a lot of air flow in your home, condensation will build up causing mould and dampness. This is easily avoided, all you have to do is improve the airflow, warm the walls by using insulation and / or install a mechanical ventilation and use dehumidification techniques. Most homes adding in some vents will help reduce this problem massively.

Fuel Combustion:

Open fuel boilers of the older ones and gas fires both rely on good ventilation within the room so it the right environment for the fuel to burn. If the vents are blocked off, the air within the air will be used and the boiler could start producing carbon monoxide, this is a very harmful gas. Make sure you have ventilation if you have one of the older boilers.

Preventing rot:

If a house has suspended timber floors, it will have vents that are ground level. This allows air to circulate around the floorboards, it prevents the floor boards getting damp so they won’t eventually rot.


All of the above are dangerous, but there is more. Having good ventilation can ensure that you can breathe better quality air in and that rooms don’t get too stuffy.

To make a healthier living environment and reduce asthma:

If your home doesn’t have a sufficient ventilation system, and the humidity is high, it creates the perfect grounds for dust mites to breed. Dust mites and their airborne detritus love homes that don’t have an effect ventilation. When the detritus is inhaled, or comes into contact with people’s skin, it can lead to allergic reaction, some which can lead to eczema, watering eyes, runny nose, itching, sneezing or even worse asthma attacks. These issues can be massively reduced if you simply have an effective, reliable ventilation system. If you suffer with asthma, many people s