What kitchen sink should you buy

How does that saying go again – “What did you bring? Everything but the kitchen sink?”... Well have you ever moved home or relocated and actually wanted to take the kitchen sink with you as well? Because we have! A kitchen sink may seem like a mundane, commonplace item in your house, but you will notice the difference if you suddenly have to start using a lower quality one.

We’ve written this blog about different types of kitchen sinks and why people choose different styles, shapes and materials for theirs...

Seamless sinks:

Seamless sinks are called seamless because the sink and the countertop are one solid piece with no visible seams or difficult crevices to clean. The look of a seamless sink is very clean, minimal and contemporary and they are very popular because of their easy to clean aspect.

Farmhouse/Apron Front sinks:

As the name implies, these sinks mimic the style of a vintage rural kitchen sink with a deep, rectangular basin and an exposed front. Increasing in popularity, these sinks can be under-mounted or set on top of the counter and look great in large, country kitchens.

Vessel/Basin sinks:

Vessel/Basin sinks sit on top of the counter rather than mounted within it, making an eye-catching statement. These are popular also because you no longer have to bend over when using the sink - great for those with bad backs! These sinks were once only used in the bathroom, but have been becoming increasingly popular for use in the kitchen.

Prep/ Vegetable Sinks:

If there are often two of you cooking at the same time in your kitchen, you may consider installing a prep sink, also known as a vegetable sink. These sinks are smaller than the primary sink and often installed in an island or countertop. These sinks are designed to make it easier for two people to cook simultaneously, and they look rather cute as well!

Here at Plumbing for Less we stock Pyramis inset stainless steel sinks as well as other stainless steel sinks for those on a budget. With more than 50 years of history in the kitchen industry, Pyramis offers one of the most extensive ranges of products: a wide collection of sinks, taps and electrical appliances, especially designed to be the focal point of any kitchen by combining practical features with stunning visual impact.

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