What are Macerators and What Types are Available

In a domestic sense, they are used where transferring sink and bathroom waste to existing pipes is rather difficult mainly due to the distance or height between the source and existing soil disposal system.

If for example, you are adding a wash basin to your basement it's really straightforward as the waste water can be pumped (vertically) to the ground floor into the soil removal system. If a toilet was also required problems would arise because it's rather difficult to pump solids in a domestic dwelling (vertically).

Macerating basically changes the solids into slurry effectively by soaking them in liquids. Once you install a Macerator (which basically is a pump with an extra element of chopping solids which reduces them into liquid - this effectively makes the material far easier to pump vertically via a small pipe e.g. 22mm pipe.

Large properties may also use Macerators to pump the liquid horizontally as well where laying a 100mm (diameter) soil pipe across many rooms would be unsightly. They are usually placed behind the toilet and they also need to be connected to the electric (this MUST be done by an approved electrician).

If you choose on having a Macerator expect it to take approximately a couple of days to install.

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