Ways to unblock your bathroom plughole

The major contributor to your blocked bathroom plug is going to be that pesky human hair that seems to get everywhere. If your bath plug is getting clogged easily or you find that your shower is taking longer to drain than usual, then here are some straightforward ways to tackle that blocked plug.

  • First off. Lift or unscrew the plug if you can and preferably use tweezers (though you can use your fingers) to remove the hair. This may be an unpleasant and off putting task at first but if repeated regularly (let’s say once every 2 weeks), you should be able to stay on top of the problem.
  • Salt & Hot Water. Start by pouring a small amount of the salt down the offending plug hole and let it settle for a minute or two. Now pour the hot water down the hole to hopefully wash away the debris.
  • Bicarbonate Soda & Vinegar. Similar to the salt and water option, start with the bicarbonate soda and pour a small amount down the plug hole (this will start to fizz when it hits the wet pipe). Now to encourage the blockage to move, pour the vinegar down the hole at a moderate rate.
  • Brand Name Chemicals. While these are made by many well-known brands, some plumbers will actually warn against using these solutions. This does not mean that they do not work, only that the solutions might not always be suitable for the specific pipes you have. This is why even though they will often provide immediate results, becoming dependent on them to solve your blockage problem can result in worse trouble for the pipes in the future.
  • Get an expert. If you have attempted a number of the above ideas to no prevail, it might be time to call in the expert. It is what their there for at the end of the day and they will have specialist tool that you won’t be able to get easily to finish off the job.