Tips for presenting you bathroom if selling your house

So your selling your home, the bathroom is definitely one room that buyers will be paying attention to and they love to be enticed by a beautiful bathroom that they can envision themselves in enjoying.

However most will not have the ‘perfect’ bathroom and doing a complete overhaul is going to cost you and would be a poor investment. Fortunately you don’t have to, there are some simple things you can do to achieve a bathroom that buyers will want to have as their own.

1. Clear the space and get rid of cleaning supplies

Clear away all of your bits like soaps, toothbrushes, razors - basically all of your toiletries and any cleaning supplies like the toilet brush and even bath mats. Although obvious necessities in any bathroom their presence will take away from the spa-esque feel you are trying to create.

2. Organise your storage well

Space sells and potential buyer will want to assess the storage in the bathroom to determine its capabilities. Keeping your storage area about two-thirds full and organised is what you want to aim for.

3. Only make small upgrades

If you are wanting to make an upgrade to your bathroom to sell the house better, making a small but visible upgrade is a much better choice than a large (often expensive) and none visible one. The visible ones are what is going to add value to the property in the eyes of the buyer.

Such things like new light fittings or towel rails and updating the cabinets for example.

4. Clean every inch

Not the most exhilarating thing to do but one of the most important ones, making sure everything is pristine can give the impression of new and also that the room has been taken good care of.

5. Invest in some lavish towels

Getting yourself some brand new luxury towel that only come out when there’s a viewing is a great way transform the feel of the bathroom instantly.

6. Place some flowers

A great way to add a bit of life to the room is to put some flowers or a plant in it, they can have a great impact and add colour and texture.

7. Stay neutral

Re-painting the wall is a great idea to give the room a fresh look but keeping it neutral is better for appealing to buyers. To add colour you can use accessories such as towels or flowers as mentioned above.

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