Thinking of renovating your homes bathroom?

Thinking of renovating your homes bathroom? This can be a make or break situation for your bathrooms overall look, feel and lasting effect on its visitors. To get the most out of your renovation here are some points you may want to take in to account before taking up the job.

1 Don’t compromise on the toilet

We’re not saying go all out and get the latest most expensive one but when getting a new toilet you must make sure it’s of quality and its going to last you pretty much your whole life if installed well and no unforeseen mishaps. Elongated bowl models tend to be the more comfortable option for most people.

2 Think about the mirror

An essential piece in any bathroom and if the right size and hung in the right place can make a very attractive addition to the bathroom. Adding a frame to it will set it off from the rest but if having additional mirrors try to stick to small ‘make up’ ones and avoid adding too many. In the case of mirrors less is more.

3 Hardwearing floors

Invest in some ceramic, stone or marble tiles for a stylish, hard-wearing and water resistant finish. They may be a little on the cold side sometimes but then why not get some under floor heating to heat them up and add some warmth to the bathroom (especially for those winter months). Alternatively hardwood flooring that has been sealed well can bring natural warmth to the bathroom floor.

4 Baths are not one size fits all

Not everybody knows this but baths come in a range of different sizes and obviously getting a bath that won’t fit in your bathroom is not the greatest start so always make sure you have measured the space.

Bath Sizes in the UK are:

  • Standard 1700mm long x 700mm wide
  • Small bath – 1400mm bath, 1500mm bath
  • Compact bath – 1200mm bath, 1300mm bath
  • Large bath – 1800mm bath and upwards

Even if you get the measurement right, it is recommended to actually sit and lower yourself in to the bath you would like to get and give it a personal size and feel test, just like you would when say choosing a new mattress.

Hopefully these tips will give you a helping hand when considering your bathroom renovation and don’t forget for your entire bathroom and plumbing needs plumbing for less has all the best products from the leading names, whether it’s entire bathroom suites or just a few fixtures and fittings. For any more information give us a call on: 0844 9800 156 or email us at: