The benefits of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is becoming an increasing trend in homes, especially in new builds and developments. The reason for this is because of the benefits they have over the conventional radiator that were all used too, continue reading to finds out what they are.

Efficiency over radiators

Underfloor heating currently comes in 2 types, warm water systems that use hot water flowing through pipes under the floor or electrical systems that use electric wires under the floor to provide heat. Both these systems will last a lifetime and heat up quicker than a radiator and unlike a radiator, they heat the whole room evenly from the floor heating up objects rather than the air. This makes radiators far less efficient than underfloor heating.

Space saving and more decorating choice

Imagine your walls are radiator free and you can now use all of the space your room has to offer, well with underfloor heating this is the case. There’s nothing in your way with underfloor heating, you can do whatever you want to the walls in your home without having to work around or even consider the radiators, essentially giving you more freedom to decorate as your home without obstacles.

Clearer and cleaner air

Conventional radiators heat your rooms by heating the air which can make the air in your homes stuffy. With underfloor heating this won’t happen, keeping the air in your home clean and clear. On top of that radiators are renowned for harbouring dust and clutter and once again that won’t happen with underfloor heating making it a great choice for anyone who suffers from allergies.

Long termsavings, sustainability and no maintenance

Probably the best reason to think about underfloor heating is the fact that once it’s been installed under the floor there will be no maintenance required to keep it running, it’s going to heat your rooms more efficiently as mentioned previously. This means saving money on heating bills as well as being more environmentally sustainable, a win-win.