Speed cleaning your bathroom

Not only is the bathroom one of the busiest places in the home, it’s also the place that almost every one of your visitors will visit at least once. So if your palms start getting a little sweaty any time anyone wants to freshen up in or use your facilities, worry no more. These tips will get your bathroom looking sparkly and fresh in no time, in fact it should only take 15 minutes or less.

1. Get yourself a plastic bag

Start the process with hanging a plastic shopping bag (a bin bag would also suffice, but a bag with handles is more convenient) on the door knob as a quick way to gather any rubbish, this is one of the easiest ways to instantly clear up any room in the house.

2. Flush first

Once you’ve done that, grab yourself some bleach and pour a cup in to the bowl, then brush the sides and under the rim. Now let this sit for about 5 min, while you move on to the next job.

3. Shine it up

Get a spray bottle and fill it with an equal part white vinegar and water, now simply spray on to a paper towel or microfiber cloth and use to wipe away any soap drips, or toothpaste splatters on taps, countertops, mirrors and in the sink. This also works well to remove water marks from shower doors.

4. Dirt collection

Flip over one of those wipes you were using with the spray bottle and wipe across the back of that dusty toilet tank, then over, under and around the toilet seat. Time now to flush away the bleach that’s been working its stuff in the bowl, then just toss the wipe in to your rubbish bag and move on to the next task.

5. Make your escape

Last thing to do now is the floor; give your bath mat or rug a quick shake to give it the appearance of being recently vacuumed or better still remove it altogether. Next, take a damp paper towel and wipe the corner of the room, which is where most of the hair and dust will have collected itself. Now make your escape and don’t forget to take your plastic bag along with you.

6. Finished

Throw that plastic bag in the bin and sit down for a well deserve beverage.