Small bathroom ideas to make space look bigger

So, how do you give a small bathroom a boost?

With the pandemic we are spending so much more time at home, many of us are looking for new, creative ways to make our spaces appear bigger.

This is so true, especially when it comes to small bathrooms. If you own a flat, or perhaps an older property, you might likely be working with a boxy little bathroom and the view that you're stuck with the space you've got!

But there's always a way to make your bathroom appear bigger with a few clever design ideas. Here are ten tips for making your bathroom feel, bigger from statement mirrors to wall-hung fixtures.

Back to basics

What do you need in a bathroom? Go right back to the basics you need a toilet, sink and a shower. Anything else could be seen as clutter, so be extra harsh on exactly what you need. Especially if space is a premium. Remove absolutely anything that sits directly on the floor – such as towel racks and thinking of ways to get these hung on the walls.

Also, consider storage solutions, think how you could add them to existing structures, maybe you could build around or beneath your sink?

Save space with Wall-Hung Fixtures

Your floor should be your sacred space and decorate via the walls. With some well-hung fixtures, you can make space appear larger than it is. Go for minimalist stylish, against-the-wall styles and leave the floors as clear and as clutter-free as possible.

A light bathroom floor colour will create space by contrasting against wall-hung fixtures.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors can help make space, simply hanging a large mirror in a small bathroom will make space feel bigger. Combining a mirror with a dark or dramatic colour scheme will also help create this too. When it comes to frames, different kinds of frames will help shape the space, frameless mirrors will feel luxurious while round mirrors will create a softer feel. Mirrors are the most cost-effective and easiest way to give the illusion that the room is bigger.

Also, consider putting lots of smaller mirrors up of you can't fit one big one.

Tiles are the way forward

You might think that using small tiles in a small bathroom is correct, but you'd be wrong! When it comes to smaller bathrooms, the bigger the tile the better! Small tiles mean more grout lines, which will make the space feel grid-like and tight. Wider tiles will make a bathroom feel a lot bigger, especially if you choose lighter colours.

If you want to include smaller, mosaic tiles limit them to a particular area such as the shower for example.

Add some depth with patterned wallpaper

Why not consider wallpaper? This is a great way to go, especially if your bathroom is awkward in shape and you have little to work with. As the pattern draws the eye away from the room's actual size. Why not go for a bold pattern, you want to grab peoples attention and be dramatic with it.

Go for large scale dramatic florals, damasks and think stripes that are rich in colour.

Tall and Thin all the way

Stretch out your furnishings to save some space! Instead of using bulky towel rails and racks, look for longer, thinner versions, designed to go right up the walls. Invest in some ladder shelves or open shelves in general. This will create a relaxed feel to space and the bathroom and in-turn it won't feel boxy. Take some advantage of dead space you wouldn't usually fill.

Why not use some sleek and tall corner fitting cabinets, they are great for saving room.

Consider Colours Carefully

As small bathrooms suffer from natural light ensure you use the right colours. Use a white colour scheme, warmed up with natural floors and rich black fixtures. Use some bright white tiles for the walls.

White can be a little boring so you may want to use some light airy pastel colours.

Add a small storage vanity

So sometimes adding storage space isn't easy and if you can't utilise what's under your sink try adding a vanity storage cabinet. You can get some nice compact storage vanity units now – some even as narrow as 45 centimetres. They are great for hiding all your products out of sight which will in-turn make your space appear bigger.

Go for something slim and try to opt for one with legs. If you keep things off the floor it will in-turn make space feel bigger.

Wall Lights give the illusion of space

Sometimes we overlook the power of lighting but when it comes to bathroom design it's key. Add a wall-mounted light to your bathroom and this will add light and also give you an airy feel which will make space appear bigger.

Add a light near a mirror to make the room feel bigger and brighter.

Go for a Frameless Shower

Nothing boxes a bathroom in like a big bulky shower unit. Why not go for a frameless one. Not only do they physically take up far less room, but the glass screen and the lack of a tray will, in turn, reduce visual clutter. Making the room feel light, airy and open. They also give you far more space in the room.

If you have a walk-in shower near a huge mirror over a sink, this will also visually create more space in the room.

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