Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs on a budget in 2020

Small bathrooms are a great place to start if you are thinking of re-modelling a room in your home, especially if you have only moved in recently. People generally look for easy and affordable options to spruce up space and give it an appealing feel. It is often believed that designing a small bathroom is a difficult task as its easy to over clutter due to its size. There are a few tricks to that you can utilise from graphic wallpaper to colourful rugs.

Here are some ideas for you to ponder:

Grab Some Statement Pieces

Not only do statement decorations enhance the beauty of your bathroom, they are not a permanent fixture which means you easily switch them up and mix and match them not only in the bathroom but around the house.

The Ceiling

A simple one but one that is very effective. While it might not be everyone’s first thought to paint the ceiling in a bright vibrant colour, it can bring another dimension to your bathroom without breaking the bank. You could choose a colour that matches your statement pieces, make it stand out all on its merit or go for a bright yellow giving it the appearance of sunlight.

Get Some Shutters

Shutters are a great way to give your bathroom a personalised look and feel. You can even take this up to another level and go ahead and paint your shutters yourself. Doing so not only gives you an even more personalised touch but it will save you money compared to buying a pre-decorated set of shutters.

Do you need tiles?

Having tiles installed can get quite expensive, so thinking about where you need them and where you don’t is an essential part of designing a new bathroom in a budget. Places that are obvious like the shower area and floors will need to be tilled but other areas can just be painted. Where using tiles, you could use a more artistic style of tiles every so often to mix it up a little.

Go Bigger with the Mirror

Mirrors pretty much a staple of any bathroom so why not go bigger, it will not only brighten up space more but will give the appearance of the space being larger than it is. All that and it’s a relatively easy and affordable thing to achieve.

Get Eco-friendly

While redoing/upgrading your bathroom take a moment to think about the environment and consider what you could be doing to make the process a bit eco-friendlier. Using recycled or repurposed materials instead of outright buying brand new is a great start. Why not use some old jars as toothbrush holders or use an odd plank of wood as a new shelf.