Shower vs. Bath – who wins?

These days getting clean before you begin your day or scrubbing off a day’s worth of dirt has become less of a chore and more of a treat with the arrival of electric power showers, luxurious lathering bath bubbles and other exotic pampering products.

If you’re not one of those lucky enough to have both a bath and a shower or are currently renovating or refreshing your existing bathroom suite and plumbing fittings then you may currently be weighing up the pro’s and con’s of having either in your home.

Whether your main focus is design, aesthetics or function, here Plumbing For Less take a brief look at some of the benefits of both:

Round #1 Hygiene

Daily hygiene routines are designed to ensure that you remain healthy, feel clean and are dirt free. With this in mind using a method which keeps you feeling clean and looking cleaner for longer is ideal.

While many people don’t like the idea of lying in a bath of water full of their own dirt and prefer the idea of it being washed away down the drain with a shower, others think the more relaxing ideal of lying down as you clean is more attractive.

Showers, we think provide both, with the ability to vary water pressure with power showers and opt for a more thorough clean washing all dirt clean away.

Showers 1 – Baths 0

Round #2 Water waste

The common suggestion that baths are more eco-friendly and use less water could in fact be a misconception following a study conducted by leading personal care brand Unilever in 2011 which suggested that the average shower lasts eight minutes using approximately 62 litres of hot water while the average bath uses 80 litres. The survey which monitored more than 2,500 showers of 100 families across 6 days shows that when it comes to water saving showers are the winner.

Showers 2 – Baths 0

Round #3 Cleaning

With such equipment that is designed to keep you clean, the very idea of spending too much time cleaning it can be off-putting, although it is entirely subjective as to whether the benefits weigh the clean up.

Showers are often enclosed in cubicles surrounded by tiling and grouting while baths offer wider more open spaces to manoeuvre when cleaning, with this in mind, we want to be spending more time enjoying getting clean than making sure our equipment is. While the main winner of this round all depends on where your bath or shower is located we’ll give baths this one.

Showers 2 – Baths 1

At Plumbing For Less we offer a variety of bathroom solutions to ensure that your showering or bathing experience is as relaxing, attractive and hygienic as possible.

With combination, mixer and digital showers from designers Grohe, Mira and build-your-own options throughout our site, we think you will always find everything you need.

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