Shower Toilets?

A shower toilet, also known as a Japanese toilet, combines the benefits of a toilet and a bidet. After using the toilet, a shower toilet uses a spray arm to clean with soft gentle water.

At Plumbing for Less, we sell the GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet.

The shower toilet GROHE Sensia Arena harnesses decades of technical excellence from their parent company called LIXIL, who are experts in shower toilets in Japan.

Unique Features

The two spray arms can be adjusted for pressure, position and temperature of the water, giving you a perfectly customised, comfortable experience – there are even options for oscillating and massage spray.

The integrated dryer will also contribute to the ultimate hygiene experience. You can use a remote control or smartphone app to keep your preference stored. Advanced ceramic finishes which are anti-stick, anti-limescale and anti-bacterial (eradicating 99.9% of germs) guarantee the highest standards of hygiene for total peace of mind.

The shower toilet is equipped with automatic lid opening, odour absorption and sensor-activated night light making it your most hygienic and pleasant WC experience ever. The GROHE Sensia Arena has earned 14 design prizes, including a 2017 Plus X

Award, an iF Design Award and a Good Green Design Award, thanks to its creative design and characteristics.

Discover the Clean

The shower toilet, The ultimate in hygiene, tailored perfectly to your individual needs. Each detail of this innovative shower toilet has been carefully considered to provide you with a special level of hygiene at all times.

Twin Shower Arm

For ultimate hygiene, the Sensia Arena has two distinct shower arms. The lady shower, a spray arm with a distinct angle of spray and a softer and wider pattern of spray to clean the intimate female region.

For the ideal strong cleaning experience, the rear spray, a specialized shower arm for accurate rear area cleaning.

You can be sure that both are completely hygienic and are perfectly placed to suit your requirements. To make you feel cleaner and more cared for than ever before, the shower toilet uses two distinct, adjustable spray arms.

Perfect Skincare

  • Cleaning at a pleasant temperature with water.
  • Continuous hot water as long as you like.
  • Separate Lady and Standard jet spray nozzles.

Ultimate Hygiene

  • Long-lasting hygiene of the toilet setting fresh norms.
  • An effective and efficient flush.
  • Spray nozzles that are hygienically cleaned.

Personal Comfort

  • An odour-absorbing toilet.
  • A toilet that saves the configuration of your private consumer.
  • A nightlight that leads you into the dark through the bathroom.
  • Clean and dry at all without wiping.
  • A toilet seat that automatically registers all approaches and opens.