DUDLEY Universal Cistern Servicing Kit for Lever Operated Close Coupled Cisterns

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THOMAS DUDLEY Universal Cistern Servicing Kit for Lever Operated Close Coupled Bottom Inlet Cisterns comprises:

- Dudley Turbo 88 Syphon, 2-part, adjustable height, dual flush (MPN 324395);
- Dudley Hydroflo Telescopic Float Valve, bottom inlet, adjustable height, brass tail;
- Close-coupling fixing bolts;
- Sealing doughnut washer;
- Front lever kit, mazak alloy;
- Installation and Servicing Instructions.

Product features and specifications:

• Dudley Turbo 88 Syphon:
- Market-leading dual flush syphon that can be used as a replacement in most high and low level lever operated ceramic or concealed cisterns.
- No need to disconnect the water supply: Incorporates a unique 2-part design that enables the syphon body to be simply removed from the cistern leaving the white downleg in position, meaning servicing can then be completed in under 5 minutes without having to disconnect the water supply and dismantle the cistern.
- Flush: 6, 7 or 9 litres convertible; factory set for 7 litres flush.
- Dudley Duoflush: Delivers water-saving reduced flush when lever is held down and full flush when lever is depresssed and released.
- Adjustable height: Extends from 191mm (7 1/2") to 241mm (9 1/2") to provide a convenient solution that fits most lever operated cisterns.
- Outlet: Ø38mm (1 1/2").
- Approvals: WRAS.
- Water Technology List registered.
- EU/BMA Water Label Scheme recommended.
- Warranty: 5 years.
• Dudley Hydroflo Telescopic Float Valve:
- Comprises: Compact body, float arm and float.
- Inlet: Telescopic bottom.
- Professional brass tail: Helps prevent cross-threading.
- The unique float arm makes it impossible for the float to become detached.
- Easily adjustable float: The float height can be simply adjusted whilst the float arm ratchet enables very precise final water level adjustments to be made; once set, the float stays firmly in place.
- 2 built-in backflow prevention devices: An air break above the silence tube and a special membrane inside the head of the valve stop bacteria that may be present in the cistern from entering and contaminating the mains supply.
- Quiet: Silence tube makes the Hydroflo one of the quietest toilet fill valves.
- A useful key, attached to the divertor, is provided for simple and safe removal of the filter without any risk of damage.
- Supplied with flow restrictor.
- Ideal for low pressure - down to 0.1 bar, pressure tested up to 20 bar.
- Adjustable height filling standpipe: Extends from 203mm (8") to 292mm (11 1/2") to fit most cisterns.
- Approvals: WRAS.
- EU Water Label Scheme recommended.
- Warranty: 2 years.

Please refer to the Installation and Servicing videos below for more information, thank you.