Pipe Stiffeners (inserts)

Polypipe Pipe Stiffeners (also known as Pipe Support Sleeves, Pipe Liners/Inserts).

All Polypipe push-fit plumbing fittings ranges - PolyPlumb, PolyFit and PolyMax - require a pipe stiffener to be inserted into the plastic pipe prior to jointing.

Here at Plumbing For Less we offer two types of pipe stiffeners/inserts, both types can be used with all Polypipe push-fit ranges (dependant on fitting type or installer preference):

  • Plastic Pipe Stiffeners;
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Stiffeners.

Please note: When using PolyPlumb, PolyFit or PolyMax fittings with copper pipe, pipe stiffeners are not required.