SURESTOP 22mm Remote Water Switch, SS/22/RPL


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SURESTOP Manufacturer's Part Number: SS/22/RPL.

The Surestop Remote Water Switch is an innovative new product consisting of a 22mm Push-Fit Service Valve (water switch) connected to the surface mounted Remote Rocker Switch via 2.0m tubing, that allows the water supply to be stopped quickly and simply at a convenient location.

A third of all householders don't know where their stopcock is located - often tucked away in the most inaccessible places. When they are found, they are often seized or difficult to turn. The Surestop water switch with simple rocker switch can be fitted into existing pipework to provide a more convenient location for control of the water supply.

The Surestop Remote Water Switch consists of a valve which connects directly into the water supply, close to the existing stopcock, with an attached rocker switch, which can be located in a convenient position remotely from the valve. Simply press the switch to turn the water supply on or off.

Installing a Surestop means that in the event of an emergency you can quickly turn off your water supply. In addition it offers peace of mind as you can now easily turn off your water supply when leaving your home unoccupied.

Please note: The Water Switch is WRAS approved as a service valve and therefore needs to be installed alongside the existing stopcock.

The Surestop Remote Water Switch features and specifications:

- Powered by water pressure ONLY - requires NO batteries or electric connections.
- Surestop valve connected directly into the water supply close to the existing stopcock.
- Flexible 2.0m tubing (standard length supplied) allows the switch to be located remote from the valve in a convenient location; Tubing can be extended to a maximum of 6.0m by using 2 or 6 metres extension kits (product codes SS/02/EXT and SS/06/EXT accordingly, NOT supplied and purchased separately).
- The remote switch, flush fitted on the wall, is easily mounted at counter level.
- Easy to use rocker switch to turn water on/off.
- Enables the easy servicing of any problems that may occur with the water supply or appliances without having to use the brass stopcock.
- For use on 22mm copper or plastic pipework.
- 22mm push-fit connections for easy fitting, available in 15mm size (product code SS/15/REM).
- For use on normal water supplies with pressures between 0.5 bar to 10 bar.
- Can be installed on horizontal or vertical pipework.
- Can be fitted to combi boilers and pressurised hot water systems; Max. pressures for hot water supply: 60°C @ 4 bar, 80°C @ 3 bar.
- Can be fitted to tank fed systems where the head of water is more than 4 metres (12 ft).
- WRAS approved (No. 0803069) for connection to potable water supplies.
- Please note: Mains water supplies should include the existing stop valve (stopcock) prior to the point of installation

Below you can find videos explaining the benefits of the Surestop Water Switch and showing its installation.