New management structure for Grohe

Grohe has had a restructure to its management teams to aid in accelerating progress and to ‘drive a deeper focus around commercial and technical operations’.

Grohe are a part of Lixil EMENA, whose parent company is Lixil International who are based in Japan and Grohe AG’s new management team will comprise of Thomas Fuhr and Jonas Brennwald.

Brennwald will serve as chief executive of Lixil Water Technology EMENA as well as being in charge of the commercial aspects of Grohe AG and the EMENA region. Joining the brand in 2010, Brennwald was previously the CEO of Grohe AG and before that deputy CEO.

Heading up all the technical operation will be Fuhr who will also be serving as chief operations officer at Lixil International. He joined the brand in 2012 and previously was the CEO of Grohe AG.

Brennwald and Fuhr will have the support of an executive team whose main focus will be on technical and commercial operations.

The technology team supporting Fuhr will be Torsten Meier in R&D, Christian Götter in finance, Jens Hildebrand in human resources and Jens Harder in operations.

Brennwald’s commercial team will be Gerhard Sturm in marketing, Karsten Nieters in finance, and Olivier Steenaert in HR.

Grohe AG’s previous chief financial officer, Stefan Gesing, decided to leave the company to pursue other opportunities that are outside of the company.