Make your Bathroom look bigger

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, you’ll know it can be really hard to make it look make it look bigger! It’s not nice not being able to have the style bathroom or the accessories you would like to have in your bathroom due to the lack of size and space.

That’s why we’ve written this quick and handy blog with a few tips on how you can effectively make your petite bathroom look a little bit grander...

Stick to the same tones and colours as much as you can
Contracting and conflicting colours can make a space look more cramped. If you have light walls and dark tiles it will chop up the space visually which make it appear smaller. If you do want to contrast any colours or textures then try to limit it to something that is more of an object in the space, like a low cabinet or a light fixture. Merging the colour of your tiles with the colour of your walls can double how big a smaller bathroom feels.

Take the tiles in your shower up to the ceiling
If you’re retiling your bathroom, try out tiling up to the ceiling rather than just to where your shower ends. This again has the same principle as it has fewer transitions and will make it feel more open and consequently, bigger.

Overload on mirrors
We all know that mirrors make a space look bigger and this is definitely true in a small bathroom. Especially if your bathroom is lacking in natural light, mirrors can reflect light making the area fell more light and airy, and as a result, bigger. So get as many mirrors and reflective surfaces in your bathroom as you can!

Paint the ceiling the same colour as your walls
Painting everything a single colour will make the space visually expand. It creates a cleaner, more open upper space in the room, which make it look bigger.

Use clear glass in your shower
If you have opaque or textured glass, it can break up a space massively. Acting almost as a wall, it can block the visual line and so make the space look much smaller. Clear glass is a much better option for smaller bathrooms.

We hope these tips help you to utilise your bathroom space! If you’re planning a bathroom revamp or perhaps just want to spruce it up a little, then you’ve come to the right place with Plumbing for Less. No matter what you are looking for, whether it is entire bathroom suites or just a few fixtures and fittings, we have all the best products from the leading names so you can be sure that you are provided with the best possible choice of products.