Is your bathroom summer ready

So with all these light nights and sunshine why not celebrate! Here are a few top tips on incorporating some summer vibes into your bathrooms!

Why not try a pastel palette?

Pastel colours are a big hit this summer! Using a mixture of calm pastel colours is an excellent way to soften your bathroom. This year the pastel trend seems to have evolved by adding dark grey and contrasting colours. You could also mix in some retro patterns.

This trend can be easily incorporated in your existing bathroom, although you might find it hard to find a pastel colour toilet or basin, there is a wealth of accessories out there that can be incorporated into your room. Don't forget that towels are a great way to do this, as it is easy to have multiple different colours that complement the space.

Having a feature wall will also help with this trend, picking your favourite pastel colour and covering one key wall with it allows you to contrast the rest of the room with that shade.

Bringing the outdoors inside your home

Houseplants are really in at the moment, and they go perfectly in bathrooms! Many varieties thrive in warm, humid air, and adding a touch of summer greenery is a great way to create a serene, spa-like feel and bring a bit of nature indoors. For me, a bathroom full of plants brightens up morning showers and makes for nice evening soaks in the bathtub!

To create an up-to-the-minute look, try arranging a range of different plants on a shelf or bath surround; they look particularly good with a few trails of leaves dangling down. Plants which originate in tropical environments, such as spider plants or ferns, do especially well in bathrooms and look so naturally stylish. If you want a more elegant look then try placing some orchids in a row on matching pots on a window sill or a sleek countertop; they work well in bathrooms but ensure there's lots of good natural light. None of these plants requires much care, but whatever you choose, the important thing is to avoid overwatering, as they will soak up most of the moisture they need from all the steam in the air.

Ethnic prints

This trend is one that has been around for a while now, but there seems to be a new wave of ethnic prints coming. The mixture of paisley, Indian and Persian designed with modern colour palettes has brought a new lease of life back to this interior design trend.

Ethnic designs and earthy colours add energy to your room and give off a cultured vibe.

Again, you will struggle to find bathroom furniture that fits perfectly with this trend, in terms of colours and design, so you’ll need to accessorise your heart out to make this trend work. Printed fabrics and Wooden furniture are essential to creating a successful ethnic styled bathroom.

Mix and match

There are a few home interior trends that have really gained momentum, and even developed further as the summer season kicks in. The urban jungle leaf print is still huge and we are seeing this more and more on the high street now – it’s a look that’s perfect for bathrooms too. Add to that a little fun, kitsch flamingo and you’ve got your summer trend covered. Metallics are still big, with bronze coming forward. Don’t forget your indoor plants and succulents. Mix all this and you've got a great look for any summer-styled home.

Black and White

This is another trend that has been around for years, and it is still going very strong. Although you might think there is only one way to do black and white, we have discovered there are many different ways to achieve the monochromatic look!

Delicate and simple white walls with a few key black pieces. Black and white tiles or warehouse-style walls with faded lined and a hint of grey and charcoals. Or even the black and white prints with bright colours thrown in there to stand out?

Whichever you choose, it’s simple to style to pull off in your bathroom:-

  • Black bath and storage solutions

  • Black and white tiles on the floors and walls

  • Bright coloured towels and finishes touches

  • White mirrors

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