Is an en-suite the answer?

Bathrooms are a necessary room required for any home and you will know especially if you are blessed with children that it can be quite frustrating not having enough of them to go around for everyone in the home and even more so if this results in queues forming.

Well, an en-suite is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Creating space for an en-suite shower or bathroom is a brilliant way of solving the overcrowding issue.

Installing an en-suite opposite your bedroom would mean having the freedom to use the facilities at your leisure without any conflict with others about time restrains or what you get up to in there. This means you can quite happily run yourself a nice relaxing bath, light some scented candles and stick your favourite tunes and then relax with no disturbances.

Not only can en-suite help de-stress the environment you live in it will also add value to your property; just as long as you’re adding to rather than replacing an existing bathroom. Most modern houses already come with an en-suite installed as standard but this is rarely the case with older properties, so adding one will make them a much more desirable property.

Planning an en-suite admittedly can be a tricky task, mainly down to the room required needing to be in close proximity to the existing plumbing and soil pipe; though if this is not the case it doesn’t mean you can’t install one it just means it will probably be a little more expensive.

An ideal place to install your en-suite would be an adjacent cupboard space or alternatively you could utilise some space from your existing bedroom.

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