Introducing our new website…

So, if you’re reading this you will probably have noticed our brand-new Plumbing For Less website! So why did we upgrade? What are the user benefits and what’s new with our online presence?

So firstly, the key reason for the upgrade was to have a mobile friendly website. This means that the site will display correctly on a mobile or tablet device and with more and more users browsing the web this way it was crucial to address this.

We also took this opportunity to launch our new brand image and logo. We have introduced some new fonts to make it easier to find what you are looking for. You will also see that we are embracing our social audience more with links to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These are now accessible from both the header and the footer of the new site. You will also see our new banners are larger giving them more impact and give you the ability to click on them to visit specific areas of the new site.

You will also see that we have some new and exciting best sellers on the home page. Also, on the footer you will also see all our key brands that we sell and distribute.

Plumbing for Less offers a vast range of power shower and shower accessory solutions. Please call us on 0844 9800 156 or email