Improve your bathroom with our top 5 tips

If your bathroom needs a bit of inspired rejuvenation and modernisation, as it get closer to Christmas, you may be put off by the idea of renovating your bathroom due to cutting costs. However, improving your bathroom or shower room space doesn’t necessarily mean having to completely rip everything out and starting again with a blank canvas.

With Plumbing For Less, you can drastically overhaul and refresh an outdated or dull bathroom with just one or all of these top five bathroom additions.

Add a shower

If you want to bring your bathroom into the 21st century then a good shower is a must. Having a bath alone limits the methods by which you can use your bathroom and when it comes to selling your home, could put off potential buyers.

Standing underneath a hot flow of water can invigorate and wake you up in the morning while decreasing the amount of time and water wastage.

Consider electric or digital showers from Mira or Venturi for a complete overhaul or even the simple changing of a shower head or riser for an aesthetic change, these can be done yourself, or in the case of an electric shower, we would recommend a qualified plumber/electrician.

Ditch your shower curtain

Shower curtains can often hold a lot of dirt, grime and mould which can build up over time and require regular washing and maintenance and often replacing over short periods of time. A shower enclosure or bath screen can provide a cleaner, modern and more minimalistic appearance while preventing water from escaping and getting the floor wet.

Separating your shower and bath can be a handy way of adding value to your property and making your bathroom easier to use. Consider one of our shower enclosures, which can be combine with shower trays and accessories.

Change taps

If your current bathroom suite, bath, sink and toilet are in good nick then changing them may be a pointless, expensive and disturbing exercise. Another method you may want to consider is the modernisation of the taps which adorn your suite. Various styles are now available with varied functions, choose from contemporary chrome, vintage brass or wall mounted taps which can all be easily fitted.

Choose from Bristan and Grohe taps and brassware throughout our website.

Add ventilation

Decent air flow in your bathroom is essential to prevent build up of dirt, mould and condensation which is why poor ventilation should be avoided. You could overhaul the whole atmosphere of your bathroom with practical forms of ventilation which can improve air-flow to get rid of wet, warm air.

We can provide advice on the right forms of ventilator for your bathroom, or a plumber can advise you on current building regulations.

Ventilators have also come a long way in terms of aesthetics recently and can look like a modern accessory than a functional object, browse our full range.


Decorative items like candles or practical accessories such as toilet roll holders and towel rails- which can be found at great prices on our website- can be changed in your bathroom to overhaul the look, theme and design of it for a fraction of the price of a full bathroom refit.

Browse our accessories here.