How to spruce up your bathroom

It's a space where we can relax, a bathroom needs to reflect this and we thought we would share some top tips on how to set your bathroom free.

No one feels nice in a dirty, grubby bathroom. There's nothing worse than a broken toilet seat and a grimy bath. Decorating your bathroom doesn't have to cost the earth! We look at ways to upgrade your bathroom without it costing a fortune.

Firstly, de-clutter it. This should be the first stage of the project. Then get out the paintbrushes! Remember you don't have to have a white bathroom. Why not add a splash of colour. Also, take a look at what you have lying around the house – you could even use your children's stencils to add something new and interesting to the walls! Acrylic or water-resistant paints are better to be used in damp areas.


Inspiration – do your research!

Why not jump on social media and take a look at Instagram or even Pinterest! See what catches your eye from a design point of view.


Repurpose objects

Every house has clutter – let's be honest. Maybe you have a plant pot that you hate in your garden. With a clean and a splash of paint, this could transform into something really stylish and also save you some pennies at the same time.

You could also dig up an interesting plant and repot it to add a splash of greenery in your bathroom. Old breadbaskets or tins from your pantry could be used to re-house your toiletries.

Even wine crates and old wooden boxes can also provide something new – break them down to create shelves or even cubby holes that will look nice next to your sink or even in an empty corner of the room. It really is not as difficult as you think and with all this spare time we all have with lockdown, now is the time to get creative!

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