How to Increase Water Pressure in Your Shower

We’ve all been there! You step into the shower on a Monday morning and the water pressure just isn’t there!

So how do you increase the water pressure in your shower? Well, firstly the biggest problem that people face when they install a new shower in their home, either in a separate cubicle or over their bath is making sure there is enough water pressure to make the shower work properly. At the end of the day, people really expect a nice strong spray as opposed to a little trickle

The reason why this happens is that the spray head is basically too close to the actual water level in the cold water storage tank. Most showers struggle to perform unless there is a minimum height of 100 centimetres between the spray head and the water level in the tank. Effectively this is called the head of water. The higher the head actually is the more water pressure you will have.

In the UK water systems are connected to a cold water storage tank which is usually situated in the loft. These are commonly known as gravity fed systems They are low pressure and effectively rely on the height of the tank to provide the water flow pressure for the house. If your house suffers from low water pressure a standard type shower valve is not powerful enough to provide a good strong shower.

Finding the solution

A quick fix solution would be to buy a special low-pressure head for your shower, it will work far better than a standard shower head and it is designed to work in low-pressure situations.

The better solution would be to do adopt one of these fixes.

  1. Install a booster pump or power shower.
  2. Get a cold water accumulator improving water pressure and rate of flow.
  3. Install a pressurised unvented cylinder.
  4. Install a Home Boost.

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