L-Brackets WC Pan Fixing Set, White Caps

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L-Brackets WC Fixing Set (WC Kit No 6 L Brackets White) is a complete fixings set designed for the fixing of free-standing toilets, bidets and other sanitary items, supplied with white coloured L-brackets and caps.


- Application: Free-standing toilets/Bidets/Ceramic shelves/Mirrors.
- Building materials: Concrete/Solid sand-lime brick/Natural stone with dense structure/Solid block made from lightweight concrete/Solid brick.
- Screws with hexagon head and slot.
- The large nylon snap-fit sleeve compensates for fairly large or slightly mis-formed holes drilled through the porcelain/ceramics; its large collar prevents contact between the screw and ceramic to reduce the likelihood of damage during fixing.
- The L-shaped assembly brackets with pre-drilled rows of holes allow for a flexible fixing with two directions: L-bracket is flexibly positioned on the base using the long hole, the ceramics are then fixed to the bracket via the rows of holes - these counterbalance any height differences in the ceramic assembly holes.

Set contains:

- 2 x Nylon L Brackets;
- 2 x Cover Caps, White;
- 2 x Nylon Snap-it Flanged Sleeves, White;
- 2 x 6 Gauge x 55mm Slotted Coach Screws;
- 2 x No.8 Nylon Wall Plugs;
- 2 x M6 Form A Washers;
- 2 x 4.5 x 45 Chipboard Screws.

This set is an equivalent of the Fischer WC Fixing Kit WB 5N.

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