DIY remodelling idea for your bathroom this winter

A well done and heated bathroom can raise the spirits as its used. Embarking on a DIY bathroom remodelling project can change your bathroom space into one where you feel better when you leave than you did entering it.

The best remodel for a bathroom in winter isn’t just to change how the room looks but to also save on energy. The ideas below accomplish these two goals.

Warm Walls

You will get the largest savings on your household’s energy consumption by insulating your walls. Insulation can be installed inside external walls. It is quite an extensive job that will require having fittings and tiles removed and then re-fitted once the job is complete. It will take time and can cost a fair bit but it all pays for itself in the long run.

Warm Steps

Nobody likes to step out of a warm bath or shower to be jolted by the coldness of the floor. Fitting insulation under the floor will help stop this situation, also consider doing this the same time as you do the walls to avoid having to remove the floor tiles at a later date.

Water Heating

It’s a good idea to check your boiler before the cold sets in, even if it appears to be in good condition. Had your boiler over 10 years? Definitely consider getting a new one. One that runs on solar energy would be a good choice. You could even make the choice to move it in to the bathroom itself, if its currently in the kitchen. Purchase a boiler with controls that allow you to control the temperature so that you don’t always have water going to boiling point when its not necessary.

If the water is heated by a hot water cylinder in the bathroom, make sure to keep it insulated.

Aerated Fixtures

If you get a shower head that is aerated you will not only reduce energy consumption but also water consumption as well. This goes for taps that are aerated also. Aerated shower heads will use less water but still provide a high flow, you might even want to go for a double shower head, as you shower streams from both will keep you warm.