Create a spa experience in your own bathroom

You don’t have to splash out on going to a fancy spa to relax and achieve a moment of bliss; you can have the same wonderful bath experience in the comfort of your own home. All it takes is a few simple additions and changes without you having to spend a fortune.

Set the mood

If you visit a professional spa one of the firsts things you will notice is the how relaxing the atmosphere is. You can recreate this same atmosphere yourself in your own home. Dimming the lights if possible is a great start, or investing in some colour-changing LED bulbs to change the colour of your room, soft lighting is always very relaxing another good tip is to light some scented candles they are still a top favourite for creating mood lighting .

Introduce some soothing music., setting up a way to play your favourite soothing tracks while soaking in the tub is a great way to boost the ambience of the room and to also block out the sounds of everyday life from outside.

Fill with the perfect temperature

It’s all about the temperature of the water when it comes to a having a relaxing bath, if it’s too cool your relaxation time is reduced and if too hot you will be uncomfortable. As a general rule, you will want your bath to be between 30 – 40 degrees by the time you enter it but at the end of the day it is down to your personal preference.

Finish it off with some luxury bath soaks

A spa like bathing experience wouldn’t be complete without the addition of some luxury bathing products, such as bath salts, bath bombs or extravagant bubble baths . Whatever your preference, there are literally hundreds to choose from with various perfumes and essential oils to suit everyone.