Benefits of installing extractor fans

An extractor fan can be a very useful addition to your bathroom, even if you have a fully functioning window. The humidity created by baths, showers, and even toilets, can have harmful effects to your interiors due to the moisture.

The following benefits can be achieved by installing an extractor fan in your bathroom.

Air quality in the room will improve
Fans will get the air flowing in the room, improving air quality and in turn aiding better health and well-being as well as keeping the room fresher and reducing odours.

Save yourself money in the future
Save your money and possessions. Ignoring the effects too much humidity will have on your interior is very counterproductive. If you do it can cause mildew, mould and damage to the walls, ceilings, fixtures, doors and furniture.

For mould and mildew, there are products that you can use to remove them for a short time but unless tackling the root of them, they will be back! An extractor fan is a great way to remove the moist air from the bathroom eliminating ideal breeding environments for the spores to grow.

Keep cooler on hot days
Not only are extractor fans good for removing damp air, on those hot days you can use them to vent the hot air that will accumulate around the ceiling in turn creating more air flow through the house and keeping it cooler.

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