Bathroom Trend Predictions for 2016

2015 has now came to an end, us at Plumbing for Less have taken a look and picked out what we think will be the popular trends for your bathroom interiors.

Metallic colours will shine with summer

There are a vast amount of colours that will be more popular this year than the last, but metallics will especially come into their own both in fashion and interiors. Again, this is a trend that can be versatile to your style. It would be amazing as a feature wall but equally effective as a small accent colour. With using metallic’s sparsely, this will complement your room in a simple yet effective way whilst also easily introducing this style into your room. Highlights of copper, brass, dusty pink or rose gold will add an element of warmth to any room and will work really well with any style of bathroom. This can also add a feminine touch without being too overpowering.

Earthy Neutrals

Hitting your bathrooms in 2016 should be the terracotta’s and chalky hues. These should be placed on either your walls, through accessories, or even the bath itself; neutrals will slowly but surely be making their stamp on bathrooms. With this trend we also predict a lot of natural materials being used, for example concrete tiles or wood effect. This trend is all about using materials in their natural form and embracing their colours and features.

Shaped Tiles

Of course decorative tiles are going to be a strong favourite throughout 2016 and will be showcased in a lot of bathrooms. Be it on a splash back, a wall or even a textured tile floor can be use through your bathroom. Tiles with unusual shapes represent a great opportunity to really stamp your style on your room. You can push this as far as you want to take it, and that is what is great about this trend.