Bathroom design trends to look out for in 2017

It’s hard to imagine any modern home without the essential bathroom. It is an important and functional part of any property and some may argue the most important part.

Bathroom design ideas for 2017 are aimed at making the modern bathroom stylish, comfortable, beautiful and fashionable without sacrificing its functionality. If you are thinking of building a new bathroom or renovating an existing you might want to look out for the following trends in 2017.


The use of a traditional single lighting unit to illuminate the room is changing and instead of one main source for light, we will see multiple lighting sources being used to highlight separate areas of the room.


While white is without a doubt the dominating colour for bathrooms, visually increasing space and emphasising purity, the classic black and white is the hit for 2017.

Gray is also in style for finishing off the modern bathroom design, the grey black white palette gives the ability to create great unique interiors and if greys not for you and you prefer something a bit brighter as an accent, then its bold natural colours for you such as lemon, turquoise, amber, blue and emerald.

Decorative materials and tiles

The classics for modern bathroom design; Ceramics, glass, metal and stone are going to be complemented in 2017 by wood or its imitation counterpart as wall panels, decorative elements and furniture.