Adding colour to your bathroom

Typically people tend to go for pretty standard colours in their bathrooms. Standard whites, beiges and overall unadventurous and neutral tones have dominated the bathroom scene over the years, but people are starting to change their ways.

Recently, more and more we are starting to see bolder shades being added to bathroom designs, and we think it’s great! For those that want their bathroom to make a style statement, bright, bold colours are a great – they can transform a bathroom and make such a difference!

Bright colours such as blues, greens and reds are some of the on-trend choices at the moment. If you can’t decide on a colour, it also looks nice if you contrast two bold colours and then complement them with a neutral backdrop.

So what are the best ways to add some colour? Well there are many ways you and brighten up your bathroom with a big of colour, but it’s important you don’t go overboard! You can add splashes of colour to your bathroom by selecting a certain wall or area to paint. Statement walls are very popular in other rooms in the house, so why not it the bathroom!

Another great tip is to use your tiling to add colour. Brightly colour tiles, or even mixing it up with multi coloured ones can look really dramatic and eye-catching. Much more fun than the standard white finish, we’ve found using bright blues, oranges or purples can look really fab around a bath, in a shower area, or around a sink. Stick to one or the other though, sometimes a coloured wall and coloured tiles can look a bit pre-school!

If you’re not keen on going the whole hog and committing to painting or tiling, you can add a lot of colour through accessorising. Pick a colour or colour scheme and look for bathroom accessories in those colours. You can find items such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, hand towels, bath mats and mirrors in similar colours that will tie together and really help to brighten up your bathroom. These small splashes of colour are great if you’re partial to changing your mind often as they can easily be swapped and changed.

We hope you liked our tips! If you are renovating your bathroom, make sure you come to Plumbing for Less for all of your bathroom essentials! We won’t be beaten on quality or price.