How Can You Add Value to Your Bathroom?

If you are considering selling a property then you will probably be researching the different ways that you can alter it to ensure that it sells at the best price possible. Other than the location, you are completely in control of every aspect of it and to what extent it appeals to potential buyers.

When you are trying to sell a house there are two rooms which are more important than any others: the kitchen and the bathroom.

These are the areas that buyers most anxiously anticipate when they visit a property, and they tend to base their final opinions on these rooms so it is important that their expectations are matched or exceeded.

While a bathroom renovation might seem like a big ask – particularly if you are not going to be staying at the house for very long – it is a worthwhile investment. A stunning bathroom is a major selling point and can mean that buyers are more willing to make higher offers for your property.

So what can you do to add value to your bathroom?

Aesthetic Appeal

After all the anticipation leading up to the bathroom, you want viewers to open the door and be impressed.

Everybody wants to feel as if they are the only people who have ever used the bathroom so it needs to look as clean as possible.

Living in a house that is up for sale means changing some of your ordinary habits such as leaving objects scattered around the floor. You will quickly become accustomed to immediately clearing up anything that you use, dusting any surfaces that have been left longer than a few hours, and vacuuming if you spill just the odd crumb on the floor.

The same goes for the bathroom. When you shower you should immediately clear out the drain and rid the shower of any hair, dirt, or sprayed shampoo.

Give your bathroom a colour scheme of white with one other colour. White connotes cleanliness and for anybody visiting your home a clean, hygienic bathroom is of the upmost importance. Choose a stronger accent colour – this can be anything from dark purple, to maroon, to black – and add it to the room through towels, face cloths, bath mats, and more.

Never clutter a bathroom; dust is not a selling point, least of all in a bathroom. The odd picture frame is acceptable but generally, minimalist style the better.

Be sure to add a mirror to the bathroom. Obviously this is where people are most likely to get ready in the morning but aesthetically a mirror also has the added benefit of making the room look much larger – a tip that should be practiced throughout your home.

A Modern Suite

One of the biggest turn-offs for a buyer is an old-fashioned, outdated bathroom suite that looks as if it was installed several decades ago.

There are a worrying number of houses on the market that have not had their suite updated for over 30 years. Any home with this kind of bathroom would be lucky to be sold at all, let alone at a good price.

You can usually recognise a very old suite simply by its colour: many of them are a dark green or pink colour instead of white or cream.

Modern suites tend to be granite or marble; they look shiny, clean, hygienic, and spectacular. Although a new suite might feel like quite an expensive investment, it will boost the sale value immensely which means that you can make a much larger profit in the long-run. A new bathroom is estimated to cost in the region of £1,500, but should add around £3,350 to the value of your home.



About 15-20 years ago it was very trendy for houses to be designed using the same carpet throughout the house. However, most modern houses are designed with a marble, stone, or wooden floor in the bathrooms.

This is generally considered a lot more hygienic as well as looking tidier than a carpet. Replacing a carpet with a wooden floor can take as little as one day. Be sure to shop around for different floors, some large companies can charge quite a lot for what smaller companies will do at a much lower price. A modern floor is a big turn-on for homebuyers.


If you are serious about selling your home then investing in high quality bathroom facilities is imperative. Aside from property developers, nobody wants to purchase a house and then have to spend additional money renovating it. You need to show your buyers that their dream home is here, readymade for them.

You might have read that most home buyers would like a bath as well as a shower. If your property is large enough to provide a separate shower and bath then buyers will like this. However if you are not fortunate enough to afford both then always choose a shower, as these are used far more commonly than baths.

Most people shower daily while they reserve bathing for the odd occasion when they want some extra pampering.

Adding a shower is often the priciest part of renovating a bathroom but it does not have to be. If you know the right type of bathroom equipment to choose then you can save yourself a lot of money.

Mira Showers from Plumbing For Less are a modern type of equipment that appeal to potential buyers but without the price tag which is often attached to similar items.

Mira mixer showers work by using water from both the hot and cold water supplies. Combining these, they can provide water at the exact temperature that you desire. They are generally faster than electric showers and you can make the flow even more forceful by adding a Mira pump.

The thermostatic temperature control does not allow the water to become too hot which ensures that showering is safe for all the family.

If you would like more information about Mira showers and how you can have one installed into your home, contact Plumbing for Less on 0844 98 00 156 or visit our website.