Add One of These Household Items to Your Bath to Solve Any Skin Concern

After a long hard day out and about, working, or looking after the kid, there’s nothing quite like getting back home and running yourself a wonderful hot steamy bath. It doesn’t end there though, just by adding an ingredient or two from the pantry or around the house you can turn that plain water into something more relaxing and you might be able to work in something to aid with a skin concern you may have.

Instant Jelly

Well start with a bit of a fun one and that would be a jelly mix (the powder kind). Simply by adding a few packets of the stuff will help hydrate your skin, heighten your mood and leave your skin really soft. Try and use a lighter colour jelly to avoid staining your bathtub and the flavours not important you’re not going to eat it afterwards after all.


This is particular good if you’re feeling a little ill, especially in the colder months. Adding around 170g (1/2 a cup) of grated ginger to your bath while running can help to sooth sore muscles, get rid of toxins and will make you feel nice and warm as it raises the temperature of your skin.

Cinnamon and porridge oats

You will require a cheesecloth if using either of these two so you don’t end up in a mess.

Whichever one you choose (can be both), use 3-4 sticks or 170g (1/2 a cup) for cinnamon use and for oats use about 85g-255g (1/4-2/3 cup). The cinnamon is good for detoxifying, curing rashes and around Christmas time adding a lovely scent. The oats will soften and relieve your skin.

Green Tea

You're probably already in the know about the antioxidant and detoxify benefits of green tea, so why not take a soak in some. You will need more than the conventional 1 bag here, let’s go for 6 and you will need to let it steep for around 15min to get the full benefits out of the tea. Then simply submerge yourself in the goodness.


Milk is a great natural exfoliator due to it containing lactic-acid helping to remove dead skin cells and reveal the fresh ones from underneath. It is also full of vitamins and minerals which help in an anti-aging way by aiding the retention of your skin's elasticity. How much milk to put in is really up to you, your preference and your own judgement.