Small things to perk up your bathroom that won’t take you forever

Has your bathroom seen better days? Is it cluttered with stuff, has it become dull and weary? This is one of the most used spaces in your home, seize control and turn it back in to the sanctuary it once was with some small makeovers. With minimal impact on time and cost but with what can have long lasting effects.

Give it an edge with some popping accessories

The bathroom is a great place to showcase some of your more unusual/unique accessories and should not be overlooked when it comes to doing so. Get a funky rug in there or even an intricate light fixture, maybe what you thought was your big feature piece in the living room would actually better suit the bathroom. Be bold and have a go it won’t take a minute.

Give it a splash of colour

Introduce some colour, a full on white bathroom can be transformed with an accent colour. You don’t have to commit to painting any wall yet. You can simply start with a strongly patterns shower curtain or some brightly colours towels, eventually following on the theme in the future and in time applying bathroom accessories that compliment or match the chosen colour.

Don’t leave you walls bare

Blank wall are an untapped source of potential for all sorts of things, and if left bare can cause a room to feel drab and dreary.

One mirror isn’t always enough, get yourself another mirror for the room to introduce a more contemporary look and don’t stick to the conventional square shape go for something a little more quirky.

Turn that wall in to a wall of memories (photos); add personally to your wall with pictures of your friends and family. Use easy to remove wall adhesives (which are available everywhere these days) and you can remove and replace as and when you feel like it.

Alternatively hang some ‘real’ art, is the rest of your home decorated with fine pieces of art? Don’t exclude the bathroom from having the privilege to showcase one of your prized pictures, funnily though this may be an ideal place to showcase them as people might have more time to appreciate and take in the image while using the facilities.

Well there you have it, some pretty simple and easy ways to liven up the bathroom in your home and ones that shouldn’t take all the time in world to accomplish.

Happy makeover-ing and if you are interested in any fittings to add to your bathroom or just want any more information please give us a call on 0844 9800 156 or email us at: