5 Crazy Things Found By Plumbers

Problems with plumbing is all too familiar for many homeowners and businesses alike. However, there are some reasons for clogging up our pipes that are slightly less common than others. To honour some of the many strange things that have found by plumbers all over the world, we’ve put together some of our favourite, shocking discoveries.

#1 15lbs of fat

In Surrey, 15lbs of foot fat was found in a sewer by local plumbers, when residents complained about a series of blocked pipes and several toilets that were clogged. It took eight plumbers and three nights of labour to fully remove the colossal blockage and repairs on the sewer went on for six weeks afterwards.

#2 Diamonds and gold

Perhaps the most distressing for the owner, rings and jewellery are the most common things lost in drains. Plumbing findings actually include a diamond bracelet that was reportedly worth over £7,500. The bracelet had been lost down the bathroom sink when the clasp had come loose, but luckily, thanks to their local plumber, the bracelet was retrieved.

#3 A courageous kitten

When a group of mechanics heard cries from a nearby underground pipe, they were shocked to discover a tiny kitten trapped inside. Despite several rescue attempts, a plumber was called and was able to suck the kitten gently (and safely) out using a vacuum. The lost kitten was even adopted by one of the mechanics that found him.

#4 False teeth

Accidents happen, especially when we get older. But for people who wear dentures in the UK, some accidents turn out to be a little more embarrassing than others. After bracelets and rings, dentures are the most commonly things found in plumbing work. In fact, hundreds of people reportedly lose their false teeth down the drain, every year.

#5 Phones in their box

With the nation’s phone addiction, it is no wonder that some incidents that have occured have resulted from a bathroom texter. Whether the phone had slipped out of the owner’s pocket, or been dropped whilst being used, plumbers have had to come to the rescue to retrieve an array of different phones. Slightly less easy to believe, was an entire iPhone 5S that was still inside the shrink-wrapped box, which was retrieved by a plumber investigating a reported blockage. Although we can’t guarantee we will reveal a perfectly wrapped iPhone from your plumbing system, if you need assistance with a blockage or plumbing issue, we’re here for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you.