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Manrose Round Pipe Ducting Circular Adaptor/Reducer - Ø150mm down to Ø100mm (6'' to 4'').

Circular Reducer/Adaptor to connect round pipe ducting, flexi-hose and fan spigots:
- Ø150mm (6'') connector end is the same diameter as Ø150mm (6'') ducting pipe and will require a male connector/coupling (Part No. 616C - Manrose Ø150mm (6'') Round Ducting Pipe Connector/Coupling); Flexible ducting hose Ø150mm (6'') will fit over and require tape or jubilee clip or quick release worm drive clip to seal.
- Ø100mm (4'') connector end - male (outer Ø100mm) - fits into Ø100mm (4'') straight ducting pipe.
Depth (from end to end): 60mm.
Maximum working temperature: of 60° C.
Ø150mm down to Ø100mm (6'' to 4'') version.
For use with the Round Pipe Ducting Systems.
Material: uPVC.
Flame retardant.
Colour: White.
Also known as: 150mm-100mm Reducer / 100mm-150mm Expander / 150mm-100mm Adaptor/Connector / 100mm-150mm Adaptor/Connector
Equivalent of Polypipe Ventilation/Domus Product No. 619