Stress free bathroom renovations

Whether you want to completely overhaul your bathroom suite or perform a quick redecoration by implementing some new plumbing supplies or fittings it is worth planning ahead to ensure a stress free and more rewarding transformation.

No matter how much you have got to spend it is extremely important to set yourself a budget before starting the project and making a list of what your intentions and designs are and of course factoring in whether you will be calling in the professionals or doing it yourself – that way you will avoid any costly mistakes.


Before embarking on your bathroom project ensure you have carefully thought about:

  • The size of your bathroom
  • What materials you will be needing
  • The areas you will be redesigning if it won’t be the complete bathroom suite
  • What manpower you need or if not what DIY tools you will need
  • Timeframe
  • Budget
  • Schedule


Redesigning your bathroom can be extremely fun particularly when it comes to the expectations of seeing the end results of the hard labour, time and money that has been put into the project.

When deciding on the designs of your bathroom you will need to know how you want it to look. Look through different products and colour schemes and distinguish between the necessities and the wants. That way you can make your budget more cost effective.

Essentials such as a decently sized bath or type of shower should be approached next, to enable you to design your bathroom around them.

Ensuring you have enough room for a decent amount of storage comes next – irrespective of your chosen theme or style of bathroom you will want to avoid clutter.

Then come the accessories, do you want to go for the less is more approach or will you be featuring plumbing fittings which you will consider cosmetic works of art adding to the overall theme of the bathroom?


Choosing your bath or shower is often the most important decision in the renovation of your bathroom and can be the difference between elation and disappointment.

There are a variety of shower systems available and it is important to do full research before you buy. Consider the different benefits of different types of showers such as; mixer showers, electric showers, digital showers and bar showers. We have a vast range of collections on our website, from high quality bathroom designers Grohe, Aqualisa and Mira.

The next decision is whether you opt for a shower cubicle, bath, or both. We have an assortment of shower cubicles available which should hopefully inspire.

When choosing a bathtub, whether you’re buying online or in store ensure you sit in one of a similar or the same size first to ensure that you fit and won’t drown. Bigger isn’t always necessarily better and you don’t really want to choose something that will completely overpower the entire suite. Assess the angles and material and also consider where you will be putting your taps, is there enough space to pop them in the middle?

At Plumbing For Less we have a range of acrylic baths and panels to choose from which all will be complimented by our modern and tradition varieties of toilet and wash basins.

An additional thought, if renovating an ensuite bathroom, is to consider space saving so perhaps a bath shouldn’t be considered and instead a modern shower cubicle with a Grohe shower or Mira Shower which are available on our website in a vast array of choices and designs.


Don’t think of your taps and brass fittings as an afterthought or mundane choices to make, think of them as accessories to the perfect outfit, and an opportunity to bring out the best aspects of our bathroom suite.

Do you want traditional or modern fittings or something different? You will find a range of inspired brass fittings and taps from a range of high quality designers. From Bristan taps through to Grohe there is a range of options suited to most requirements and designs.

After taps and brass fittings comes the make-up of the bathroom in the form of towel rails and cabinets – not only do these enhance the space but they provide functionality and should be aesthetically pleasing too. You will find some Grohe accessories and Heritage accessories in a range of designs.

While a necessity, bathroom fans don’t have to be a chore in choosing. We’ve come a long way from the old-style on walls and you can actually find a wealth of designs in domestic fans which are suitable for bathroom use rather aesthetically pleasing. Browse our range here.


When it comes to the finalities of adding the finishing touches to your bathroom it is a big decision to choose between a lick of paint or tiles.

When selecting paint, ensure that it is able to handle the moisture levels of the bathroom – you can now find a selection of bathroom specific paints online and in store but do your research with these. Semi-gloss or gloss paints with an anti-mould solution are often a good choice.

If you already have tiles rather than go through the expense and hassle of removing them why not consider tile paints as an alternative?

Tiling often needs to be undertaken by a specialist so ensure you have budgeted for this and of course chosen the right tiles which can be cut to suit your bathroom suite. The beauty of these is the variety and choosing the right ones can often be time consuming but making the right decision costs nothing – you will find a range of tile stockists and specialist tillers online.

Good luck

The team at Plumbing For Less wish you luck – should you require any more information about our products or not be able to find anything you require please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team of specialists who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions an assist you in your purchases.

Remember we won’t just support you in your purchase but after them too!